Sunday, December 21, 2008

38 Weeks

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn I am sleepy! I am overly tired but cannot seem to ever get comfortable enough to actually sleep. We went to the doctor on friday... he said that she is a very, very active baby, somaybe she'll be a hockey player like her dadwink. She is measuring about 7.25 pounds eek and I am now on partial bed rest (which, by the way, is royally boring).

I don't think she is ever, ever coming out.


I am going to be pregnant for-ev-er.

le sigh.


Bob said...

She will come out :-) Haha! You know with Hannah I didn't go into labor until I was mentally, and physically ready. For instance I finished my Christmas shopping and I purchased my last baby item--Scratch mitts. I was happy with my house and self...and that night I went into labor!! I'm sending labor vibes your way ;-)

Stacey :-) said...

Some how my post came out as Bob?!? LOL. It's me Stacey!