Sunday, November 30, 2008

35 Weeks

35 weeks down, 35 days to go! I'm feeling enorrrrrrmous at this point. If one more person looks at my belly and says to me "Well you look like you're about to pop!" I may just pummel them with their own shoes. I swear, that isn't a basketball in there, although it certainly looks like one!

We're having a baby shower for my best friend who is also pregnant next weekend, and I have to show off the diaper cake I made for the centerpiece... I'm tres impressed with myself as I had never made one before and didn't follow any instructions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

34 Weeks and the nursery so far...

Still much to do on the nursery, but here are some pics of what we've done so far...

Still waiting on:
-OUr awesome rocking chair!

-Changing table pad and sage green cover


You can see where we really need the table pad and cover here...

The bed... not sure whyyy the greens do not appear to match, but they do IRL

I'm iffy about the shelf... not sure whether it has too much crap or not enough...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maternity Photos

While most people have thought this is a cute idea, I've encountered a few people that think it's lame. Well, to each their own. I LOVE the look of my pregnant belly (and am proud of it!) and this is such a special time for us that we wanted to get get some pro pics taken. While we haven't received them all yet, our photog (the amazing Louisa Larson!) posted two of ours in her blog. The first one was a silly one, which we laughed the whole way through, and the second is artsy.

Here is the link- they are listed under Nov. 16th

Sunday, November 16, 2008

33 Weeks

Holy Moly! I just looked at our pregnancy ticker and realized we have less than 50 days to go!
eekeekeekeekeekeekeekeekeekeek I've been taking it easy but am still in some pain and very tired! We've been shopping and trying to get the last of the things we need to stock up on, but we've been from Burlington to Littleton and still can't find a lot of the stuff we need. I really don't want to order online because I would like to check the quality of stuff first, but we may have to.

Today I've been washing all of the baby stuff and trying to organize, but my belly gets in the way of everything I try to do! Oi vey :) But seriously... I'm worried she may not have enough clothes....

lollollollollol I didn't realize there was quite so much until today. Ahhh... like mother, like daughter...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So for the past week I've been in more pain than I considered normal, but wasn't sure what was going on. Yesterday I started feeling a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone and decided to call my doctor. I was instructed to head to the OB Wing of the hospital to get checked out right away. So, Mike and I headed to the hospital not really having any idea what was happening.

It turns out that my uterus was extremely "irritated" as they said and that I was having A LOT of irregular contractions due to stress and strain on the baby and dehydration. I'm also dilated 2 centimeters, but they said they weren't overly worried about that because my cervix is still where it's supposed to be.

So, today I am at home with my tootsies up per the doctor's instructions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

32 Weeks

Happy Monday! 32 weeks yesterday and I'm starting to get ENORMOUS! At the natural food store today the cashier said to me "I can't tell if you're having a really, really huge baby or if you're just so skinny that your belly looks huge by comparison." Hmmm... not sure how to take that... lets go with option 2.

I am really enjoying our childbirth classes! Everyone in the group is due the same week as me so it's nice swapping stories and questions. This thursday in class we go on a tour of the OR in case of the need for a C-section. We watched a video of one so I am now desperately hoping I can deliver normally.

She's now turned so her head is down which is a good sign! The other night she poked me in the belly button from the inside which was so adorable! I love it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

31 Weeks

I'm in awe that we only have 9 weeks left, and starting to slightly panic over the fact that we still have yet to purchase several key items and finish the nursery! Not much to say this week as I posted only a few days ago... so I'll leave you with some of my favorite movie lines about pregnancy that have had me belly laughing this week.
Rollo: Whats the prognosis Fertile Mertile? Plus or Minus?
Knocked Up-
Ben Stone: Look, Debbie. You are high off your a** if you think you're coming into that room. If you take one step towards that door, I will tell security there's a crazy chick in a pink dress snatching up babies, ok? So don't even try to come into that room, that's my room now. That little area with the Pepsi machine, that's your area. My room, your area, stay in your area, stay out of my room, back... the... f***... off.

9 Months:
Dr. Kosevich: I've got it! Nurse, call the Anesthesiologist, this woman needs an enema!
Samuel, Rebecca, Nurse: An enema?
Dr. Kosevich: No, uh, she needs a pedicure!
Nurse: This ain't no goddam beauty parlor!
Dr. Kosevich: Epitath!
Samuel Faulkner: She's not dead, you moron!
Dr. Kosevich: Epidermus... Uh...
Rebecca Taylor: Epidural, a**hole!