Sunday, November 2, 2008

31 Weeks

I'm in awe that we only have 9 weeks left, and starting to slightly panic over the fact that we still have yet to purchase several key items and finish the nursery! Not much to say this week as I posted only a few days ago... so I'll leave you with some of my favorite movie lines about pregnancy that have had me belly laughing this week.
Rollo: Whats the prognosis Fertile Mertile? Plus or Minus?
Knocked Up-
Ben Stone: Look, Debbie. You are high off your a** if you think you're coming into that room. If you take one step towards that door, I will tell security there's a crazy chick in a pink dress snatching up babies, ok? So don't even try to come into that room, that's my room now. That little area with the Pepsi machine, that's your area. My room, your area, stay in your area, stay out of my room, back... the... f***... off.

9 Months:
Dr. Kosevich: I've got it! Nurse, call the Anesthesiologist, this woman needs an enema!
Samuel, Rebecca, Nurse: An enema?
Dr. Kosevich: No, uh, she needs a pedicure!
Nurse: This ain't no goddam beauty parlor!
Dr. Kosevich: Epitath!
Samuel Faulkner: She's not dead, you moron!
Dr. Kosevich: Epidermus... Uh...
Rebecca Taylor: Epidural, a**hole!

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AmandaLynne! said...

9 Months is one of my fave movies and that scene has a lot to do with it! Sooo funny! Now if only they had deleted the stupid part about getting to the hospital and running into the guy and yadda, yadda. *Mike, please be careful on the way to the will be carrying precious cargo!*