Sunday, October 19, 2008

29 Weeks and "Things My Mother Never Told Me About Being Pregnant"

77 days to go people! Unfortunately I am miserably ill (non pregnancy related) for the first time since finding out about our impending arrival, and it has hit me rather hard.

Not a whole lot to report right now- she's still kicking away and growing, growing, growing. We've been playing music for her and thus far her favorites have been the more melodic Phish tunes, Bruce Springsteen and the Men Without Hats (very, very 80's) song The Safety Dance. Hmmm... quite the assortment. At least we know she doesn't discriminate in terms of genres.

Considering how large and uncomfortable I'm getting, I think today is a good time to talk about Things My Mother Never Told Me About Being Pregnant:
1. Back fat ('nuf said)
2. The increasing inability to shave my own legs successfully.
3. That babies can shove their little feet so far under your ribs that you cannot breath, laugh, sleep, sit or walk.
4. That strangers and non-strangers alike feel that it is totally appropriate to comment that I "now have a butt" or "finally got boobs."
5. Likewise for people feeling that groping my belly is welcome or appropriate

So, ladies... please share with me what YOUR mother never told you about being pregnant...


The Desilets said...

My mother never told me how women felt it their duty to share not only theirs but their friends labor horror stories. Why does any first time mother want to hear about how someones twice removed cousin was in labor for 2 months?!!

Stacey said...

My mother never told me that even a glass of water would give me heartburn and that I would be sleeping in a recliner my last month! She never told me that you could laugh so hard you could cry and/or pee your pants! She also never told me how quickly you forget the past nine months once you see your baby's face.

Anonymous said...

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