Sunday, October 26, 2008

30 Weeks

10 weeks to go!mrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreeneek We can hardly believe it! We've been busying ourselves getting the nursery ready and are starting childbirth classes this Thursday!

Right now Baby O. is approx. 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. Quite a long way from the poppy seed size she once was! I keep wondering if I'm going to miss my belly (which I love!) when she comes, but I'm assuming I'll be too in love with her to care or notice!

Mike and I have been watching my belly quite a bit, and every not and again it looks like an earth quake is going on in there. It's cute and a little strange. We have yet to figure out what it means when that happens. What IS she doing in there to make my whole belly do that? lol

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Stacey said...

Maybe the little earth quakes are braxton hicks? I thought I might miss my belly too--but I didn't as much as I thought! I did however think that every non-maternity shirt I saw was way too short to ever fit me! Haha. You look great Linds! So energetic and happy! You've got only ten weeks! YAY! Or eight--if the baby comes early. It's so exciting!