Sunday, July 13, 2008

15 Weeks

Woohoo, week 15! The weeks are definitely flying by fast!

Baby O. is now about 4 inches long (or the size of a softball), and I have to say I am LOVING the belly getting bigger!

I've read that it this point the baby can suck it's thumb, which prepares it for future feeding, and of course makes me melt thinking about the adorableness of a tiny Baby O. sucking it's tiny thumb in my tummy :)

On another note, I've been seeing a lot of lists about "things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman" and have my own:
1. I don't want to hear about how horribly miserable your labor was. No really, you aren't being helpful at ALL.
2. I don't want to hear about how easy-breezy your labor was either. What do you want? A cookie? Again with the not helpful bit.
3. "My sister/cousin/friend/aunt was sooo much bigger/smaller than you at this time!"
4. Any remarks from males who feel the need to tell me all about how this being pregnant thing works. Yeah, unless you've had a uterus with a child in it, I don't want to hear your "theories" on pregnancy.
xxoo! Continue with your regularly scheduled blogging now!

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Anonymous said...

Grow Oslo grow!!!