Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Happy Wednesday all! We're just home from the doctor where we got to hear the heartbeat again:) It was a healthy 150. We also scheduled our next ultrasound where they determine the sex, which will be the 12th of August. They refused to budge on the date, as they want their new physician to perform it, and he won't start until the 8th. Apparently NC OB/GYN receptionists cannot be bribed.

So yesterday we put our crib together! We bought it now because the store was having a ridiculously large sale and it it would have been crazy to pass it up. We thought it was tres early to be setting it up until just about everyone I encountered today who has children told me they set theirs up around now during their pregnancy or even earlier!

Before (this could be awhile!)

PS Mommy thinks that perhaps Daddy should set the changing table up solo ;-)

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